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Friday, February 27, 2009

catching up....

so we have been praying for rain and the past two nights we have been blessed with lots... and just as a fleeting memory from october coming to mind about a leak issue in the infant room was coming to mind i hear nannies in the hallway...i went downstairs to find our very own indoor waterfall and about 3-4 inches of water throughout the entire basement...which is where all the kids sleep! we hauled as much bedding as we could, diapers, and babies into the living room and then kez, dannae and i went down outfitted in our headlamps for some all important recon (read to check for anything else that needed to be removed, turn off lights, and play in the water)...most of the kids were just kind of confused at being hauled around in the middle of the night and kervens slept through the whole thing! he awoke to find his schoolroom full of babies and nannies and us trying to keep kids out of...well everything...he didn't mind though since his first two tests were postponed! he was a big help cleaning up too!

other excitement around the house has been the addition of a new baby, eleazar pierre (read ZZ)...he is 15 months old and after getting the kids back into their newly cleaned space we took him, kimberly, and pierreline downtown to medlab for some bloodwork and tb tests...he did great considering that on his 3rd day with us three giant white people took him to a strange place and let people poke him with needles...the fact that he isn't eternally upset is a success i think!

we had our two nannies who have been out sick return to us today...we were very happy to see ser claudia feeling better but we were so upset to find out that ser jesula had walked all this way so soon after her surgery...after letting her visit with the kids and giving her a good friendly scolding about taking care of herself and not worrying about us we drove her home...and insisted she let herself get well...that woman has such a beautiful heart...and it was good to see her...i definitely miss her spirit in the house!

poutchino's seizures have continued but he has been 2 days now without one which is good...he is also doing lots of pulling up and trying to walk which is just have to keep a really good eye on him now! several of the other kids are showing some great signs of development with verbalizing and motor that so many of them are healthier we can focus on the fun walking and talking...and dancing of course! :)

school with kervens is going great...he has handled the transition very well so far and been really patient with me as i navigate this new territory...he is such an amazing kid and i think we are both going to learn so much...and mabye even have some fun :)

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  1. wow...look at all this good stuff. i'm praying for poutchi. and everyone, but today he is really on my heart. blessings sister. you are doing an amazing job! lovex3